A sustainable forward-thinking apartment complex built on 1500 m², with more than 60% protected jungle.

We offer suite-type apartments with one or two bedrooms with the option of a private pool, balcony overlooking the jungle, or private rooftop. Our buildings also offer studio-type apartments with common areas including swimming channels, co-working room and decorated rooftops.

Our 3
Desing principles

We put our Homats at the center of every decision, that’s why we adhere to values of spirituality and balance. Through these we provide a place for the creative energy to flow freely.


At HOMA we are committed to being at the forefront in environmental solutions.

We take care of the land that has lent us its space and we protect more than 60% of the local vegetation.


We select the best materials to maximize the durability and aesthetics of the design. We also try to avoid visual excesses and we celebrate everything organic and natural.

Holistic Experience

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Honest Materials
Inspired by a bohemian spirit and an ecological awareness we decided to apply exclusively honest materials
These materials are typical of the region and are used in their most natural state, without affecting efficiency and functionality, with a design true to the Tulum experience.
Polished concrete floors
Chukum walls and ceilings
Concrete lattice work on our buildings
Mayan brick wall
Tzalam kitchen and closets
Tzalam and Pukte wood finishings
Cumaru access doors
Pools made with polished white cement
Tulum style hanging lamps