Holistic Experience

Relaxation & Enjoyment

Namaste Pool: Inspired by the Fibonacci sequence, our pool is the center of sociability and relaxation.

Individual spaces: Throughout the complex you can find spaces and hammocks for contemplation and reflection. Feel free to relax and lose yourself in them.

Outdoor evenings: Enjoy the view from the rooftop or relax from the pool. You can also share an evening with friends with HOMA’s outdoor ceramic grill which lets you prepare a meal while significantly lessening its impact on nature.

Holistic Experience

General Services

High speed internet: Even inside the jungle, never miss a meeting, a message, or a class. HOMA invests in the best connectivity in La Veleta and Region 15.

Laundry: Free laundry stations are available to all our users. Make yourself at home by keeping up with your daily routine.

Storage: We have a space to store suitcases, sports equipment, scuba, wakeboards or whatever you want to leave with us.

Holistic Experience

Sustainable Mobility

EcoMobility: We offer a bicycle for every unit, free of charge, as well as electric bicycles and razors for daily use and rental.

ExoParking lot: All units have parking and we supply charging ports for sustainable vehicles.

Holistic Experience

Sustainable Solutions

Passive design: Passive design to optimize light and wind conditions. Integration and protection of more than 60% of the local vegetation.

Energy efficiency: Solar panels and energy for water heating. Hydration system using the humidity of the environment. Sewage and sullage water treatment. Waste separation.

Ecological agriculture: Organic material management for compost. Organic gardens available. Use of microfauna to treat pests.